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my babies are #coruniababies + #coruniaocs
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Bios for my babies!

Name: Lana (Lullaby) King 
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: 4'4"
Parents: Franco & Delane King 
Siblings: None 
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Animals: Himalayan Cat - Coco
Spouse/Partner: Fiance - Eight 
Info: She's been killing since a young age, mainly starting with animals and her anger issues never helped. She's always had a bit of a creepy smile, so whenever she's walking towards someone and they look at her or if someone she might kill is looking at her, glance or not she will smile that creepy little smile of hers to them. She was determined clinically insane at the age of 11. her parents didn't really understand why she acted the way she did, due to that they always sent her off to boarding schools or to a home over the summers. As she got older she calmed down a bit due to medication and wanting to have some friends. She always knew she wasn't normal & that always made her doubt herself. During her high school years, she lived at home full time, though at school she only talked to a girl named Hayden. Hayden had been her one and only friend through high school. Hayden was always laughing or being loud and that's how Lullaby came to know her, in her freshman year Hayden was running and laughing through the hall to get to her class and she ran into Lullaby. In her second year of high school, Hayden and Lullaby knew everything about one another, even about Lullaby's killing. Hayden loved it, she loved the fact that Lullaby loved to do something so wrong in society. Hayden had her uncle help her and Lullaby create the iron bat in their third year. Hayden and Lullaby have been friends ever since. Lullaby and her parent's had gotten into an argument about Hayden making her killing worse, Lullaby couldn't take them anymore and started to smile creepily before killing them both with her iron bat. Eight proposed to Lullaby on the anniversary of when the two had met. 

Name: Evan Koart
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6'2"
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Animals: Himalayan Cat - Coco
Spouse/partner: Fiancee - Lullaby
Info: He started killing in high school starting out with an accidental kill of his friend Warren with an art brush that he shoved down his friend's throat. He met Lana in his first year of college and they haven't stopped talking. Lana and Eight moved into an apartment together a couple miles from campus their second year. The killings had started to work between both of them, one killing right after the other. No one knows what happened to Eight's parent's and whether or not he has siblings. The killings started to work together and the two would help each other or plan out one another's killing as like a date. He proposed to Lana on the anniversary of when the two had met. 

Name: Hayden Warncom
Sex: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Parents: Berny & Kali Warncom
Siblings: Older brother - Damon 
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Animals: None
Spouse/Partner: None
Info: Hayden mainly grew up a good kid. You know, the girl that was perfect, the good grades, good friends, good family life. Killing never came to mind until she'd met Lana in high school. Hayden has always been loud or laughing. Which sparked an interest between the quiet and loud girls. Hayden started killing when Lana had introduced it to her, starting off with the most popular bitch of their high school. Hayden and her uncle had helped Lana with her iron bat in the third year of high school to make killing a lot easier for Lana and even herself. Hayden has always stuck around with Lana even to now. 

Name: Vera Ann Rinaye 
Sex: Female 
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Parents: Kaine & Jo Rinaye
Siblings: Younger brother - Simon
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Animals: Tabby Cat - Kitler
Spouse/Partner: None 
Info: Vera showed up into the picture for Lana, Evan, and Hayden in the college years. She speaks a lot and loud just like Hayden but has never once murdered someone like the others. She grew up in a boring house with boring people and boring things, though killing never sparked an interest for her like the others. Singing and art had though, she see's the other three and watches how they kill to see how they perform as if it were all like artwork. 

Name: Evanescence 
Sex: Female 
Age: Ageless 
Height: 5'0"
Parents: Satan 
Siblings: The other Demons in Hell
Sexual Orientation: 
Animals: None... does Inky count? 
Spouse/Partner: Dominique
Info: She's a demon from Hell and Satan banished her because she talked out of line, though she was in the first order. Her powers are like a goo/inky demon power. She's very doll-like and her skin tone is porcelain white. Her eyes would be the last thing you see before she murdered you. She's actually quite sweet if she likes you, which is what happened when she met Dominique. She only goes on "hunts" when Dominique feels like it's for a good reason. 

Name: Amelia Jackson
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"
Parents: Was created in a lab so no real parents. Her "parent" is Dr. C or just "Creator"
Siblings: 19 other experiments that had failed and died no later after they were done. 
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Animals: None
Spouse/Partner: None 
Info: She's what you'd call a Matter Manipulator or a Matter Controller. She controls everything. Every little thing that makes up life she can control. She was 16 out of 20 experiments and she was the only other one that was successful. Her "brother" 15 was successful but he has a different look on life and how it should be helped. She escaped with her brother tracking her down, but she got out fine. She joined a small group of people that have some sort of unnatural power, no matter how they got it. She would do anything for her new teammates. She got revenge on the Doctor two years after she'd escaped. She's had a couple close calls with her brother though, but she always makes it out. She proved to be the stronger sibling even though she's younger. Heat, cold, any temp, or weather doesn't affect her whatsoever. She almost always uses her powers. She kept the name 16 even though her group members call her Amelia, the name they gave her when she got out. Her eyes are naturally pink and her powers show a glowing pink as well. She almost never walks, she just flys around or floats. She's always using her powers, though when she got her revenge she killed the Creator with her bare hands. 

Name: Daia Letting
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Height: 4'9"
Parents: She was an orphan
Siblings: None that she knows of 
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 
Animals: She has an angel fish that she loves to death
Spouse/Partner: Shiloh
Info: Daia's parents gave her up at birth because they couldn't support another kid, they already had six and a seventh would've been selfish, so they gave her up to give her a better life. She met Shiloh in the public school the orphanage sent her too. She'd been dating Shiloh since two months after they met. She moved out of the orphanage and she's got a job in a bakery. She lives with Shiloh in their apartment and they have a tank of two angel fish. 



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